High School – Grades 9 & 10 (Ages 15-16)

By the end of eighth grade, students have not only mastered skills, but have also gained a growing understanding of how things learned in the classroom are connected to each other, to the outside world and to their own lives. They are ready for the next stage of a Waldorf education: the intellectual excitement and challenge of high school.

At this point, children at Sloka transition to a new syllabus as well as begin to work under the guidance of 2 Class Guardians instead of a single Class Teacher. Apart from this, students can choose a personal mentor to work with. The CBSE curriculum is introduced but some elements of the Waldorf system , are still retained. Children continue to work with the block system – with one subject being taught a month. However, 2 shorter – one hour blocks – replace the single 2-hour block of the Class Teacher years. Additional classes in Languages, Math, Science and Social subjects support the academics.

Co-curricular activities in Upper School: The weekly time table balances academic and co-curricular activities – including art, music, Eurythmy, games and gym. Children work on 2 major multi-disciplinary projects which allows them to apply their knowledge across various subjects. Grade 9 has an Art History workshop, where they spend a week researching into a specific period in art history and creating artworks, including sculptures, murals and canvases. Grade 10, on the other hand, does a Land Survey project where the class travels to a given areas and surveys the land, creating an accurate map and presenting the results of the survey to the rest of the school and the parents.