International Network

The Waldorf community has been generous with their support and confidence in Sloka. The Friends of Rudolf Steiner Education, based out of Germany and Goetheanum in Basel, Switzerland have always assisted by sending trained teachers and mentors from Europe and the USA to work with our teachers. They have also sponsored our Sloka teachers to attend important conferences on Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy organised in countries abroad. The Friends of Rudolf Steiner Education has very generously given us a substantial grant, thanks to which we could purchase our school campus.

It is with the continuous guidance and support from International Networks like these that we hope to be able to open the first Waldorf Teacher Training College here in India. This would go a long way in being beneficial not only for us but also other Waldorf Schools in India. It was again due to the generosity of the Friends of Waldorf Education that high school students of Sloka could participate in the UNESCO World Youth Festival held in Stuttgart, Germany a few years ago. Sloka was the only school from India to attend this wonderful gathering of students from all over the world and discuss issues like Climate and Energy. It was a grand success, encouraging youngsters from all over the world to form a global network of concerned citizens.