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Greek Olympics-2023
The Greek Olympics is a much awaited event for all fifth graders in Waldorf Schools across the world. The Greek Mythology and History that they study in this class is brought to a conclusion with their participation in this sporting event.

The ancient Greeks believed that athletic training gave beauty, grace and strength to the human body. To run gracefully and to respect and appreciate the skills of other Olympians is as important as running swiftly. It is this spirit that we hope the children would imbibe and exhibit when they participate in these games.

175 5th grade children from the four Waldorf schools in Hyderabad – Abhaya, Diksha, Prerana and Sloka -will be participating in this event.
Date : 11th February, Saturday
Venue : Sloka School Aziznagar Campus
Dress code : (for participating children ) White Cycling Shorts, White (sleeveless) vest/T-shirt, Shoes(sports shoes without spikes) and socks.

Children come to school in their white dress by bus or with their parents by 7.30am. They should carry their fruit and water bottles. They will be taken to their respective groups/cities by City Leaders and dressed in Greek Olympics costumes.

At 8.00am there will be an opening ceremony. The Olympians will wear a special dress and march forth to gather and sing hymns to Zeus and take an oath. Teachers of Grade 5 will give offerings to Zeus and Hera. Judges will take their oaths .Then the Olympic torch will pass around after which Zeus and Hera will declare the opening of the games. Thereafter the games will begin.

Children will participate in 100mts dash, Discus Throw, Javelin, Long Jump and a Relay Race. The relay race competition will be between the 6 Greek City States- Athens, Ithaca, Crete, Sparta, Megara and Thebes.

The winners will be presented with wreaths and all the participants will get mementos and T-shirts.