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Teacher Training

The first Teacher Training in Sloka began in February 2015 as a Foundation Course. Early Childhood and Grade One Readiness was the next session to follow in June of 2015.  An Anthroposophical study on ‘Understanding Goethe’ was organized in September of the same year. This helped in formulating our Primary School Curriculum. The following month, Christof Weichert, an expert on Waldorf Education from Dornach, was here to help us!

Teacher Training DNA of Sloka – The Hyderabad Waldorf School

Sloka – The Hyderabad Waldorf School is India’s first Waldorf School. From the 1930’s there have been many abortive starts with the Steiner Pedagogy. Most of these had been started by stray individuals and fizzled out in quick succession – the pioneering individual got married, pregnant or lost interest. It was obvious to the Founder’s of Sloka that what was required was a pool of trained teachers. Consequently, Tina Bruinsma, our Dutch Mentor trained nearly 40 individuals on the basics of Waldorf Pedagogy – even before Sloka started. Over the past 20 years we have had a string of mentors coming to Sloka from all over the world. Also, our teachers has been going abroad on learning stints.

With this background, we say that Teacher Training is in a sense built into the DNA of Sloka.

 Modular Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training

After Sloka pioneered Steiner – Waldorf pedagogy in India, it’s become imperative to have a formalised Teacher Training that would be recognized in all the 150 Countries that have Steiner Waldorf Schools. In 2017-18 Sloka is launching The Sloka Teacher Training College with three modules. These three modules will be conducted by highly qualified mentors from India and abroad. Sloka’s 650 children and its lovely 3.5 acre Campus afford trainees a practical hand-on orientation to the whole Training Programme.

Tie ups with the Norwegian Teacher Training College and Kimberton Waldorf School.

Sloka’s Teacher Training college has close links with the Norwegian Teacher Training College. Wolfgang and Ellen Kottker – senior teachers at the college has been training Sloka Teachers. Also, trainees at the Norwegian Teacher Training College have been doing their internships at Sloka.

From the Kimberton Waldorf School – the oldest Waldorf School in the USA – we have Valerie Thomas doing hands-on courses. Susan Stevenson is a vastly experienced trained mentor and Waldorf Teacher in the USA. Sloka Teacher Training college is privileged to have her on the faculty.

Waldorf Curriculum:  A world of new possibilities

Steiner Waldorf Curriculum is fast catching on. India has over 10 schools, while China has over 50 schools – all part of the 1500 Waldorf schools the world over. Doing the Sloka Teacher Training College modules induces the participants to be part of a worldwide organization. The fast-spreading Pedagogy offers widespread opportunities besides opening up a whole new world of educational possibilities.