Steiner education is a highly respected educational movement followed the world over. It tries to provide enjoyable and relevant learning, develop ethical and capable individuals who can contribute to society. Sloka is a Steiner inspired school. So, in keeping with his philosophy, we believe that one of the most important lifelong interests a school can develop in our children, is the joy of learning. We do this by showing them how to apply and advance their natural learning abilities. We focus on child-centric, age-appropriate learning with an emphasis on developing the child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Children up to age six are encouraged to apply their natural curiosity to gain knowledge from their surroundings. We also help them to grasp critical insights into subjects like science, language and art. The same teacher stays with our students from Class one to five, ensuring years of individualized attention and gathering knowledge of the child’s interests and passions. Children are only allowed prescribed text books once they are in class eight. Before that they make their own textbooks from lessons taught in class. This independent learning method is very helpful in developing skills through which they learn how to pursue any profession of their choice.

Sloka's Journey Continues...

Preparation paves the way for those charged with planning, designing, constructing, equipping, operating and maintaining the physical learning environment of children. The planning and preparation itself took about a year and a half. Thereafter, the trustees of Sloka, Ms. Nirmala Diaz, Mr. Suresh Kuppu and Mr. Satish kocharekar, organised a series of events to create awareness among parents. Teacher training also began in the meantime and we were very fortunate to avail of the services of an experienced Waldorf teacher from Netherlands, Ms. Tina Bruinsman. She trained and worked with the teachers tireless for six months every year for five years and helped us set up this truly amazing school. On July 3, 1997, Sloka started off on the journey with 19 students and 4 teachers. A journey which has been very fruitful and rewarding for all concerned so far. It was the first Waldorf School to have been started in India. Our goal of providing quality education for a child has been our primary motto since then.