Teachers play an integral part in Waldorf Schooling. Imparting education to a child with love and a firm belief that every child is special and unique, requires them to work relentlessly on their own will and seek to constantly learn and grow in the process. Anthroposophy – the study of man, is the philosophy behind Steiner education. The key elements of Anthroposophy are to encourage one to tread a path of knowledge, strive for self- development and energise the individual’s own spiritual powers. Teachers at Sloka aim to imbibe this philosophy in their teachings so that they can help every child find their life goals with greater assurance and clarity. Every teacher here in Sloka, tries to enable students to develop skills that help them live their life to the fullest and realize their full potential as human beings.

Waldorf teachers constantly ask themselves questions:

  • Am I reaching the child effectively?
  • What can I do to have a better response from the child?
  • How can I balance the child’s temperament?
  • How can I stimulate their interest and increase concentration?

In their constant pursuit of excellence, teachers here in Sloka often conduct group reviews by reading Steiner lectures, evaluate the curriculum against the lesson plan, consider the balance of movement, rhythm, thinking and art in lessons. Teachers at Sloka are extremely dedicated and committed to their cause. Some of them have been with us for more than seven years. They spend many hours learning new crafts and newer ways to teach children. We know that a warm and inviting classroom is a necessity for a growing mind. And our policy of a student continuing with the same class teacher for a period of 4 to 5 years at a stretch has resulted in forming deep bonds.

A great deal of importance is given to Teacher Training even today with in-house training conducted by senior teachers of our school. We also have several experienced Waldorf teachers visiting and working with us for mentoring the teaching staff and make sure that quality education is imparted. Mentors visit us from Switzerland, Germany, USA and Norway on a regular basis. They conduct workshops on early childhood education and the Waldorf curriculum in the Grade classes. These workshops are also open to those in the community who are interested in understanding Waldorf education.