Children are admitted to the Sloka Playgroup at age 2.5 years. A child admitted at this age will be in the kindergarten till he or she completes 6 years.

A Kindergarten of mixed age children from 2.5 Years to 6 years is just like a home with siblings. Older children lookout for the younger lot and the younger ones learn by imitating the older children in Kindergarten. A child moves to Grade one once he/she completes 6 years of age by July 31

Our Kindergarten classes are beautifully decorated keeping the little children in mind. Their imaginations are left free to roam.

Here the children are constantly involved in some activity and always learning:

  • Building, digging, cooking, gardening, painting, and sewing
  • Creative play helps development of social skills and mastery of their bodies
  • Songs, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales to learn the beauty of language
  • Repetition of daily, weekly and seasonal activities promotes love of work
  • feelings of order and harmony help development of memory, attention and imagination

We at Sloka, hope that as they grow, these little children use their imagination and natural sense of wonder, nurtured in these early years, to cultivate inquisitiveness and a desire to learn and understand.