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Sloka is the first school of its kind in India. It was launched by the Education Renaissance Trust – a non-profit organization that is part of an international movement in education, run by a group of people who wanted to change the way conventional schools teach. They were hoping to find like-minded teachers and parents who cared for the same values. This trust wanted to establish a school that was understanding and sensitive to the needs of its pupil.

As the Trust searched for a well-proven alternative system, the Waldorf School system stood out as the only choice. It has been for around a Century (1919, 1st Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany) and is equipped with sound pedagogical methods and philosophy. There are over 1000 Steiner schools in many countries around the world but each one is adapted to the character and Culture specific to it’s location and seeks to meet the educational needs of our time. The Steiner Education curriculum is aimed at bettering the heart and intellect as also to cultivate cultural, moral and spiritual values. Our Ideology & Philosophy is in compliance with RTE (Right to Education) of Indian Constitution.

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